I. household house‧hold 1 [ˈhaʊshəʊld ǁ -hoʊld] adjective
connected with looking after a house and the people in it:

• retailers of furniture, carpets, and household goods

• Video phones won't become a household appliance for a long time.

  [m0] II. household household 2 noun [countable]
all the people who live together in one house:

• The Labour Force Survey collects information from around 80,000 households.

• homes where the head of the household (= the person who earns the most money ) is a non-manual worker

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household UK US /ˈhaʊshəʊld/ noun [C]
a group of people, often a family, who live together in a house or flat: »

There are now on average 2.5 people per household in the state.


a high-income/low-income/middle-income household


I sometimes wonder how my wife and I manage as a single-income household.


High-technology products are hard to sell to households where the head of the household is over 60 years of age.

household UK US /ˈhaʊshəʊld/ adjective [before noun]
relating to a house or flat and the people who live there: »

Public housing tenants are required to pay 30 per cent of their household income for rent.


It's no surprise that household debt is rising.

household bills/expenditure/spending »

The average annual household expenditure for food was $2,030.

used to describe something that is used in the home: »

a household appliance/item/product

household consumption/use »

Over the last two decades, household water consumption per head in London has increased by 22%.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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